1) Are You serious about this Project?

YES! Very much so, as My colleague and I Have pondered many ways to reach Our Dream, this was the most Simple, and Easy!

2) What is in it for Me?

Well… The Gratification of Being apart of some thing BIG! Support Two Dudes Dream, and Receive Recognition for Doing so 🙂

3) Why can’t You just get a job, and Earn the Money like the rest of Us?

Good question, hmmmm… consider this like a job, as most Entrepreneurs Do “Out-side the box” style Endeavors all the time!

4) Will I Receive a receipt for tax purposes?

Do You ask for a receipt from Your Children in exchange for Their allowance? The answer is “No”.

5) This is ridiculous! Are You Guys are insane?!

Define insane – Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results every time! This concept is radically different, and the only way to find out if some thing is going to work, is to actually DO IT!!!

6) Are You a Registered Charitable Organization?

No, and We Do not need to Be, as “GIVING” does not fall under ANY commercial legalities.

7) We are going to report You two to the authorities?

Do as You may, however keep in mind We are not Doing any thing “illegal”! If You Do not like this, then Simply close this page and never Give it any thought again.

8) What are You Guys going to Do with all that Money?

When the Dream is reached, We will Share Our plans! So I suggest You “Subscribe Here” for updates.

9) I Like this Idea, Can I Do some thing similar?

Well of course You Can! If You require some tips on setting up a site similar to this one, them go to the “Contact” page and send Mat an email.

10) I Love this Dream, how may I Help?

Well Thanks! Go to the “Main” page, and click on either the “GIVE NOW” button, or mail Us the Dollar.

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