Now I know at some point in Your Life You Dreamed of Having a Million dollars! Well the same goes for My Friend and I, however Our Dream is to Receive One dollar from One Million People!

This concept is Simple, and will spread like wild fire! However before You PayPal or Snail Mail Us One dollar, Please go to the Rules, and Faq’s pages to Learn more about getting started!

To send One dollar, Simply click on either the GIVE NOW button, or mail One dollar(Check, money order, bank draft, coins, etc.. You get the picture) to the address below the button

Mail One Dollar to:

Matt Sicotte

#8, 10032-113 street

Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

T5K 1N8

Thank You for Your Support!

Also, Please Remember to send Us a email, or letter providing Your Name, Photo or Logo, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Website Address, Business Name, etc… This is for Us to Place You on Our Recognition page, however this is completely optional.

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